Kynetx just launched an App Store to be able to find and manage all of your Kynetx apps. Instead of installing a bunch of different browser extensions, you can now just install one. It will keep track of all of your Kynetx apps for you. If you have already installed one of my Kynetx apps it should still be working for you. (If not comment or email me.) I recommend uninstalling all of the Kynetx App extensions or browser add-ons and then go to From there you can browse various extensions. Once you install your first app, you will be directed to download and install the Kynetx add-on. Once installed, you can install any Kynetx app without the need to install any more extensions.

Now you can get my apps from here:

AmaCraigBay with Google Products


Happy App Hunting!

PS. I want to add icons to the listings in the Kynetx app store. If you want to help out let me know!