The auto completions on my zsh setup were bugging me a little bit. It seemed to go through my history and suggest commands that didn’t work. I didn’t remember this when I used fish from before. Since switching between shells is easy, I decided to try fish and see if I could get it to run. Everything worked and less than 20 minutes later I was using fish.

Here is what I did:

  1. Install fish with homebrew.
  2. On a new install you would want to install and set up starship prompt, but since I already did that with zsh, I didn’t have to do anything. Just use the same setup and config file from the previous post.
  3. To enable starship prompt on fish add fish_add_path "/opt/homebrew/bin/" to the ~/.config/fish/ file. And add starship init fish | source to enable starship.
  4. I also set the default editor in the config file: set -gx EDITOR vim.
  5. Install exa for a better ls: brew install exa, and set the alias in the config file: alias ls='exa -lag --header'.
  6. Install fisher to install plugins.
  7. Install plugin for rbenv fish-rben.
  8. Install plugin for sdkman fish-sdkman.

If I ever need to switch back to zsh, I just need to change the default shell.