Tutor Queue

Online tutor queue to manage a tutoring, both in-person and online.

If you have ever taken a Computer Science class, you probably know the routine when you need to get help. You’re in the lab and you need help. You look around for the tutor, but he is helping someone else. You keep trying to solve the problem yourself but also try to keep an eye on the tutor so you can raise your hand when he is done.

However, you’re reading something that might help you, and then miss your opportunity to get the tutors attention. Now you have to wait longer. Worse, when you actually do get the tutor’s attention, he goes to someone else.

If you have ever been a tutor, you try to be fair and implement a first-come first-serve policy, but you cannot keep track of the line in your head.

This tutor queue solves that by having student sign up online. That way students are helped in the order they request help. Each tutor has their own account, so as a manager, I can track how many requests each tutor is answering, and how long they take to answer the questions.

Take a peak at the demo. Let me know if you want an account so you can see it from the tutor side.